The Secrets I Share By Nadine Larder
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Larry Benet and Nadine Larder Interview | The Secrets I Share With Friends


A Pick-Me-Up for the Professional Curveball

I recently stumbled on a post on LinkedIn and discovered something about myself. I’m not a victim! No one owes me anything, and where I’m headed in life is 100% up to me. My life is the way it is because I set it up that way- the good, the bad, and the ugly! It just is what it is,…

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People don’t appreciate what they don’t have to pay for…setting your fees

For many of us when it comes to negotiating fees with clients things can quickly get sticky and very uncomfortable.  I’ve learned some hard lessons over the last 20 years as an entrepreneur and small business owner so I thought I would pass along along my own “rules” based on what’s worked and what hasn’t. One of  the things I really…

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