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“Brandtragic” Marketing – Your Marketing Could Be Scaring Customers Away

If good marketing builds good business, what does “bad marketing” accomplish, besides making you look bad? Cutting corners and trying to trim costs with “do it yourself” marketing could be hurting your business more than helping it. It’s definitely reason to seek the help of a professional for your next marketing project, let me explain. There are no second chances…

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Print Marketing Tips

3 Secrets You Must Know About Print Marketing For Small Business

Printed marketing materials will likely never become a thing of the past, no matter how far advanced we get with technology. With that in mind, it should be taken very seriously as part of any branding or marketing plan, print marketing says so much more about a business than the marketing message printed on it. Think about the last “tacky”…

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Motivational Postcards

You can tell how committed you are by how many times you’re willing to fail

If you’re not willing to struggle through a few failures, lessons and bumps along the way, you’re not committed. I know it’s a bold statement, but no pain, no gain. You can see what someone is committed to by their actions and what they are willing to sacrifice to make if happen. Sacrifice comes packaged in so many different ways…

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You Owe It To Yourself And Your Family To Read This Book

My father is a huge Dave Ramsey fan and mentions him pretty much every-time we speak on the phone. He reads his books, listens to his radio show and is also a regular website visitor. He is sold on Dave Ramsey’s teachings about how to handle finances and it was no surprise when he insisted I read The Total Money…

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Small Business Marketing That Won’t Pay Off

I recently received a clear envelope full of flashy offers from many different companies. As I reviewed it, I realized I was totally bored and had lost interest by the fifth flyer in the stack. I’ll admit that I’m “different” when it comes to the way I see, tune-in, and look at marketing sent my direction, but it doesn’t change…

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