The Secrets I Share By Nadine Larder

Financially Fearless in Small Business: The Secrets I Share With My Friends

85% of all small businesses don’t make it and therefore a good portion of us (myself included) small business owners are doomed before we even begin. My optimism and support for small business as well as my desire to help is the reason for this website and at the core of everything I do today. Though I know “My Secrets”…

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A Pick-Me-Up for the Professional Curveball

I recently stumbled on a post on LinkedIn and discovered something about myself. I’m not a victim! No one owes me anything, and where I’m headed in life is 100% up to me. My life is the way it is because I set it up that way- the good, the bad, and the ugly! It just is what it is,…

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Secrets with friends book cover

The Secrets I Share With My Friends About Building Small Businesses

Everything I Know About Building A Small Business! Accepting pre-orders now! The first 300 pre-orders will be signed copies and include a free coffee mug or wine glass. Book Synopsis… “The Secrets I Share With my Friends…Everything I Know About Building A Small Business” is a book written for every entrepreneurial spirit out there looking for direction on how to…

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Motivational Postcards

You can tell how committed you are by how many times you’re willing to fail

If you’re not willing to struggle through a few failures, lessons and bumps along the way, you’re not committed. I know it’s a bold statement, but no pain, no gain. You can see what someone is committed to by their actions and what they are willing to sacrifice to make if happen. Sacrifice comes packaged in so many different ways…

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