The Secrets I Share By Nadine Larder

Are Your Employees Slaughtering Your Brand? This Guy Was!

Check out this email forwarded to me this morning from the “Queen Bee” at PrinterBees, my small business print marketing company! What a way to start Monday morning, right? Are you as appalled by this email as I am? How would you handle this situation….As the owner of the company receiving it? Or if you learned an employee sent this…

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Secrets with friends book cover

The Secrets I Share With My Friends About Building Small Businesses

Everything I Know About Building A Small Business! Accepting pre-orders now! The first 300 pre-orders will be signed copies and include a free coffee mug or wine glass. Book Synopsis… “The Secrets I Share With my Friends…Everything I Know About Building A Small Business” is a book written for every entrepreneurial spirit out there looking for direction on how to…

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You Owe It To Yourself And Your Family To Read This Book

My father is a huge Dave Ramsey fan and mentions him pretty much every-time we speak on the phone. He reads his books, listens to his radio show and is also a regular website visitor. He is sold on Dave Ramsey’s teachings about how to handle finances and it was no surprise when he insisted I read The Total Money…

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